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Why Choose Video Advertising?

Why Choose Video Advertising?

Presentation is everything when it comes to anything regarding your business. Whether you’re trying to sell a product, provide a service, or promote your business the presentation can often be the make or break. This translates over into all types of ads and promotions when selling your product, service, or business. Snowy Peak specializes in video ads and wants to help entrepreneurs alike to make a success of their business. Video ads can help strengthen your business and clientele. However just because you make a video doesn’t mean that you’re going to have success. Snowy Peak wants to help understand what will make a successful video ad.

The first few seconds mean everything when watching an ad. It’s the difference between flipping to the next channel and staying to watch. Whether it’s the first opening words or the videography, they both must be something that captures the eye and attention of the customers. What your opening words and video will show to capture the attention is going to be dependent on what you’re selling. Regardless of what it is you’re selling there needs to be something that sparks the viewer.

Timing is very important. You might think that making a longer ad will be more effective since the viewer gets to hear more about what you’re selling. However nowadays attention spans are much shorter than they used to be. Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about everything you want to put into your ad. The optimal video ad is about 30 seconds or less. It doesn’t give you a lot of time, but it certainly gives enough time to make an impression. 30 seconds is all you need to spark a thought, change minds, and make an impression.

There is much more involved in filming a video ad than standing in front of the camera and talking. There are scripts that need to be written, platforms that need to be chosen, and strategies that need to be agreed upon. It can all seem overwhelming when you think about what goes into the making and production of a video ad. Snowy Peak takes the headache out of the process and allows the company to have a good time during the filming process. Call us today if you’re needing a company that is a concept-to-completion marketing agency!