Troy Waterman

Founding Partner / Production Manager

More About Troy

Hometown: Amery, WI
Favorite food: Filet Mignon
Favorite beer to brew at home: IPA (with Stout a close second)
Favorite accent: British, hands down
Lifetime batting average: Little League- .100, Junior High - .800, High School - .300, Slow-pitch softball - .600 (I think that averages to about .450, give or take 400 points!)
3 things you "must have" if stranded on an island: Pearl Jam Radio, Craft beer, My toothbrush
Why you do what you do: There is nothing more rewarding than loving what you do! From managing large projects to editing a fun and creative video, each day presents itself with new challenges...and you just can't beat that!
Describe yourself in one word: Organized.