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Is the Newest iPhone Camera Ready to Supplant the Professional Cinema Camera?

Is the Newest iPhone Camera Ready to Supplant the Professional Cinema Camera?

Pictures and videos create memories that last a lifetime- and our smartphones make it easier and easier to capture these memories. With the increasing technology of our phones’ cameras, are professional Cinema Cameras becoming obsolete? What’s the difference between them? Is the new iPhone XS camera good enough to create professional looking videos for your business? Snowy Peak is your Denver area expert in cinematic video production. With our expertise, we can help you make the best decisions possible for your business. Let’s breakdown the difference between a professional Cinema Camera and Apple’s iPhone XS camera. You can read the full article The iPhone XS vs a Cinema Camera: Can You Tell the Difference? by Peta Pixel- here is a synopsis of their findings:

At first sight, the filmmaker/photographer was “impressed” taking pictures and videos with iPhone XS and “shocked” because the pictures and footage looked “awesome.” He began questioning which one he enjoyed using more. So, he put the two to the test to find out which was better. In doing so, he stripped his Canon EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera down so that it had a “similar focal length to the wide lens on the iPhone.” After doing this, he secured the iPhone to the top of the C200 and thus the side-by-side (well, top-to-bottom) test could begin. He set out on an adventure to test the capabilities of the iPhone XS and how it would stand up against a C200 Cinema Camera.

After the shoot, the footage was compared and put to the test. At first glance on the iPhone screen, the footage from both cameras looked “fantastic.” However, when viewing the footage full screen on a 27” iMac “it all fell apart.” In summary, he said that “too much sharpening meant the details just got lost” leaving the cinema camera to take the cake. While still very impressed with the iPhone XS and its capabilities, his concluding comments were: “the iPhone camera is a smartphone camera and always will be… Does it come close to the Cinema Camera? Not at all. Is it as good as a Cinema Camera, not at all.” However, he did feel that the iPhone XS has the best camera he has ever seen on a smartphone.

Snowy Peak understands that you have a business and, in most cases, the best camera you own is the one that is on your phone. However, if you want to make a real impact advertising your business then you’re going to need something more than just a phone in your pocket. That’s where we come in- we can help you make the best decisions on how to advertise your business- whether it be a product or service. Fill out a contact form today or call us to set up a free consultation today!