Case Study: Declaration Brewing


When Declaration Brewing Company opened its doors in 2015, the company entered one of the world’s most competitive craft beer markets. The brewery was founded by a group of very talented School of Mines scientists who had a unique vision for making grain, hops and yeast taste smooth and delicious. As with most start-ups the challenge was determining how to most effectively invest their precious budget. Marketing was on the list but it was clear that our team would need to be very clever about making a small budget go a long way.


The Snowy Peak team provided both strategic and creative guidance in several areas to help Declaration build awareness of their unique line of beers and their Overland Neighborhood taproom.

Message: As much as the science of making beer is intriguing, our Millennial audience cares more about beer that tastes great and an experience that’s both fun and relaxing. So we recommended that Declaration tell stories about their unique flavor blends and invite locals to their taproom to sample products.

Videos: Video has always been a great medium for storytelling, so it played a big role in introducing the Declaration brand to local audiences. We created a series of short videos that invited locals to come visit the taproom. We used humor as a way to get their attention, introduce Declaration’s personality and remind them that the Preamble taproom is nearby in Denver’s South Broadway neighborhood. The resulting videos are fun and memorable. Equally important, producing these videos didn’t break the bank.

Events & Promotions: Our team has created a series of events and promotions designed to educate audiences about Declaration beer and the Preamble True to the Declaration brand, we’ve made these promotions fun and engaging. Our Easter promotion was called “Keg Hunt” and featured a series of activities whereby participants visited local bars (featuring Declaration, of course) and other landmarks to earn prizes. The event culminated with a Easter egg hunt at Ruby Hill Park (where participants collected hidden eggs with prizes inside) and final celebration at the Declaration Preamble taproom. Other promotions include the Mug Club, happy hour events targeting the local neighborhood, and a 4/20 promotion featuring the world’s largest case of beer (17.5 cases or 420 cans!). All of these events have been promoted on social media platforms and have helped grow the Declaration brand and create substantial buzz in the community.


A dedicated social media marketing program was activated for Declaration Brewing by the Snowy Peak team in late November 2016. In just over 6 months we saw substantial increases in key digital community marketing metrics.

“Snowy Peak has been an instrumental piece of helping us grow our brand using three key elements: Video, Digital Marketing and Social Media Targeting. Their creative team is not only fun to work with, but the guys are very knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing! Their direction has helped grow our brand and increase our awareness in the very competitive Denver craft beer market.”

- MIKE BLANDFORD; Owner, Declaration Brewing

Metric Increase
Page Impressions 41%
Paid Page Impressions 100%
Page Engaged Users 32%
Unique page Consumptions 40%
Unique Page Impressions 111%
Unique Page Impressions Viral 39%
Total Likes 39%
New Likes 39%
Page Video Views 2,424%
Page Posts Impressions 66%
Unique Page Posts Impressions 228%