Case Study Western LLC

Client Overview

Western LLC is a real estate development and design-build firm trusted with managing some of the largest and most complex development projects in the aviation, commercial and industrial markets. Western’s clients come from throughout the United States and surrounding areas and include private enterprises, corporations, economic development groups, municipalities, and airport authorities.

Project Description


Western LLC contacted Snowy Peak wanting a video solution for a trade show in 2019 but with a shelf-life far longer and further reaching than just the trade show. After researching their brand, we suggested creating a Brand Video that would fulfill the original tradeshow need but also allow Western to utilize the video as a tool for years to come. We also created several shorter videos for use on Social Media and even completed a short video for a second brand: Premier AeroNautique. 


Shooting in a cinematic style, we developed an interview-based Brand Video, using a camera combination of the RED Ranger 5K Gemini, RED Scarlet W, and RED Raven. Filming across locations in Colorado Springs and San Antonio, Texas, we weaved a visually compelling story highlighting Founder Brad Henderson’s vision and the history of Western LLC, into an informative and engaging Brand Story. Turns out, getting clearance to fly a drone at an airport is not impossible (it takes 90 days), but it’s anything but easy!! We found alternative solutions to capture the style of shots we wanted. Utilizing a 30’ Jib and an experienced Jib Crew, we captured the awesome size and breadth of the airport infrastructure Western built. 


Western, LLC is ecstatic with how their video turned out and that it solved two needs; the tradeshow and the ability to live for the coming years! We have future plans for many more videos and look forward to continuing the relationship.

Premiere AeroNautique