Case Study Oracle

Client Overview

Oracle initially engaged Snowy Peak to help promote a new tablet-based application called Oracle Tap. This was a new division within Oracle targeting customers looking for a CRM. Oracle wanted a way to showcase the forward-thinking ingenuity and flexibility within their software, all without actually having any live customers to interview. There was a tight timeline and limited budget to pull together a high-quality promotional video. 

Project Description


The biggest challenge in this project was showing a product that was almost ready for market but was still in the beta phase. The data was limited, the functionality was limited, and only a small team within Oracle were available to comment on how this new technology worked. We needed to show how the software functioned in the real world yet it was not live, making it very difficult to shoot a convincing scenario.


The solution was obvious. We used animation to showcase the functionality of the software in an everyday situation. We took screen captures and tuned them into animated drawings that fit the style of the overall video and intercut the animations with live-action interviews and footage of the test data. 


Oracle was ecstatic with what we were able to accomplish with a compressed timeline and limited budget. We created an animation in just over two weeks and flew to Red Wood City California to interview the Oracle Tap team on site. Oracle was so impressed that after completing the initial launch video, they engaged Snowy Peak a second time to create a true customer testimonial video showing the live application in action. 

Oracle Tap personnel then introduced Snowy Peak to additional divisions within Oracle, resulting in a long-lasting relationship. 

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