Case Study Hampton & Pigott LLP

Client Overview

Hampton & Pigott LLP is a collaborative team of personable attorneys whose clients receive excellent investment value from legal guidance leveraging their extensive combined knowledge and experience. Hampton & Pigott’s innovative approach and accessible counsel provide a unique and rewarding experience that results in high-levels of satisfaction and positive outcomes.

Project Description


As part of an overall Marketing package, Hampton & Pigott approached us in early 2019 needing a long-form Brand Video for use on their new website as well as shorter videos for Advertising use on Social Media channels, all with a limited budget. 


Snowy Peak led Hampton & Pigott through two days of filming; the first capturing interviews in the studio on the Canon C200 Cinema Camera and then a busy day of filming, with the RED Gemini Ranger and Xeen Prime lenses, across three locations- starting at sunrise at the State Capitol Building in Denver and ending with a cook-out on a backyard patio (where we captured some amazing slow-mo footage of burgers being flipped on the grill at sunset). Luckily, we had some “stock” drone shots waiting for the perfect project, and they found a home! 


Everyone at Hampton & Pigott was very happy with the videos, especially considering the limited budget and long shoot day. They were appreciative of the drone shots and said they were the icing on the cake! You really can have your cake and eat it too! :)