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Various Types of Film Lighting

Various Types of Film Lighting

As brought out in our previous article, when it comes to anything video you must have essential lighting equipment. Lighting changes the appeal and mood of any video. With that in mind we want to go through some of the different types of lighting that you have available to bring about the perfect mood and appeal to your videos. Snowy Peak TV has the necessary experience needed to create any mood that is needed for the occasion. Here are the types of lighting that you’ll need in order to make the perfect set.

Softbox Lighting

If you’re more of a natural lighting type of person there can be some complications. The biggest complication of all is the fact that there is no real consistency when you are depending on the sun. That is where softbox lighting comes into the picture. It can mimic natural lighting so that there is a nice consistency while filming. This also enables you to be able to film during any part of the day without having to worry.

Umbrella Lighting

This is an essential type of lighting if you’re wanting to make sure that the whole scene of your production is well lit. They are easy to use and are portable to use. These two aspects of umbrella lighting make them a choice pick for anyone who is constantly doing video shoots at various locations. Umbrella lighting is also nice because it pairs well with other lighting types. You’ll be able to provide a nice even balance and create the perfect mood with these as your base lights.

Ring Lighting

There will always be times when you want to highlight a subject you are filming. When this is the case, ring lighting will be your best friend. They are great in terms of making sure that you have focused lighting where it is essential to the set. The best feature about these lights is that you’re able to mount the camera directly in the center of them so that your camera has the perfect shot.

There are a great number of different types of lighting. These will be your essentials for any shoot. When it comes to filming and making sure that it’s the best that it can be, cost is always involved. When it comes to a serious filming project, make sure that you do have the best in the business, call SnowyPeakTV today! We can work with you whether you have one video you’re wanting or several them done. We can work with you to make what’s in your head a reality!

Posted By Snow Peak TV on 12-18-2019