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Good Lighting Essentials

Good Lighting Essentials

Like the rest of us, no doubt you have seen a good number of YouTube videos. Because anyone can create and upload content onto YouTube, the site has plenty of examples of high and low quality videos. Multiple factors contribute to the quality of a video, but one extremely noticeable factor is lighting.

Lighting can drastically change the mood and overall appeal of a video. If you are interested in improving the lighting of your videos, you are in the right place. Our team of professionals here at Snowy Peak TV have years of experience producing professional ads, shows, and more. So, we know that improving your lighting starts with your equipment. Here is what you should look for when buying lighting equipment.


Having the right tools can be the difference between an easy project and an extremely time consuming one. Depending on the style of videos you aim to create, portability is something to consider. If you are interested in a more studio styled series, portability may not be as important as it would to someone whose project takes them shooting in different locations every day.

Adjustable Beam Spread

Choosing equipment with an adjustable beam spread is going to give you the freedom to control the focus in any given scene. For example, if you want to home in on one particular subject, your equipment should allow you to do that while shadowing the background scene. Having an adjustable beam in your artillery is going to lend you a lot of versatility.

Adjustable Stand

Most lighting kits come with stands but check to make sure the stand is adjustable. Good lighting is dynamic. Lighting needs can change from scene to scene. So, you are going to need to adjust lighting height and direction from time to time. In addition to having an adjustable stand, do not neglect to do research on the quality of the stand. A shoddy stand has the potential to fail, which could ultimately damage lights and other expensive filming equipment.


Accessories like reflectors, scrims, and mounting accessories can all help you to attain better results. High quality kits will usually have these kinds of additions and you would be wise to not buy a kit that did not come with at least a few accessories.


Reflectors are used to bounce light in different ways towards your object. There are five different kinds: white, gold, black, silver, and translucent. White reflectors will simply bounce light wherever it is directed. Translucent reflectors will actually diffuse light. These are usually set up in between you and your main light in order to soften the effect on your eyes. Black reflectors do not reflect at all. Instead, these are used to cancel out or block light. And finally, silver reflectors will cast a cooler tone, while gold reflectors will lend a warmer tone to scenes.

These are the basics of what you are going to want to look for when investing in lighting equipment. Now go out and start creating! If you need some inspiration or more advice on picking the right camera for you, why not spend some time reading our other blog articles.

Posted By Snowy Peak TV on 12-2-2019